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The unicorn is a mythical horned horse that originated from Greek and Scottish mythology. They were originally found in European countries, but later migrated to the rest of the world. Trust us, they're smarter than they seem.


It has a magic horn with healing powers, nothing that really warrants a separate genus from "Equus". One could say they are to horses (Equus ferus caballus) what elves are to humans. This horn in question is said to be able to heal injuries.

Behavior and Intelligence[]

Originally, they were imagined as savage and violent beasts, not unlike many animals, though nowadays they're depicted as intelligent and kind. Although, normal horses do attack if set off, as any animal. And even in other media, the aggressivity could be on an individual basis.

Notable Unicorns[]


  • Historically they've had two binomial nomenclatures: "Hippos monokeras" in Greek and "Equus unicornis" in Roman. The latter of which is the one used today since the former fell out of favor.